Friday, April 17, 2009

Outraged over the Neglect

As a horse lover I am outraged.

This morning while watching NBC's Today show, I started crying.

They showed the story about a horse racer who owned 177 Thoroughbred horses who he has neglected to the point of near death. They were eating wood fences, mud, ice. Lice, parasites, leasions all over their body. No health care, no food, severly dehydrated and malnorished. All were near death.

The Humane society has come in an rescued the horses, which are being taken care of medically and need loving homes.

Here is video of the story and information for adoption of these loving horses. If you are animal lover, you will be outraged and may cry.

I DO NOT understand how someone can be that thick that he can not see the obvious maltreatment of his animals. To blaime their care takers and his mismangement. I hope you go to jail and do your time for the 22 counts of animal cruelty. I hope you never enter the horse racing ring again.


Julia said...

I voted for you already!! I saw this piece about the horses on the news. Dreadful!!! Thanks for the suggestions about etsy, etc....

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Unbelievable! I just can't even imagine what goes through these peoples minds when they do such things as this. All aside...have a great weekend!

Bee and Rose said...

Absolutely heartbreaking! I do not understand how humans can be so cruel!

kel said...

I hadn't heard about that! That is awful.