Monday, April 6, 2009

Crazy cats

So we have two cats in this house. They are loco crazy. Seriously its like having a toddler and a 6 year old. here.

Raven is the older kitty and my cat. Very docile, but he is the alpha male.

Browie is going on 2 years old. He is still very kittenish. He is one large orange tabby.

Last nite as I was getting ready for bed I hear them at the french patio doors. I also hear this sound I have never heard like animal squeak.

Brownie was running from one end of the house to the other in excitement and never kicking the brakes on in time and using the wall and the door to stop him.

Raven is crouched ready to attack.

I hear the noise again. I look for a mouse or a bird or something. Hear it again and think well maybe its a grasshopper.

Hear it again and see Raven shaking his butt. So I go over to where they are and just watch them.

There is a bird right outside our patio window staring at Raven.

Raven opens his mouth.

He is the one chirping.

No, he did not bag himself a bird. He has mastered the art of talking to birds.

Seriously, this cat was chirping in response to the birds chirp.


NODtoMOD said...

i have a black lab puppy and he acts just like your cats! i always laugh so hard to see what they go crazy about....they are just like kids! xo

Creations With Heart said...

That is hilarious! You never know what sounds they're going to come up with next! :) I should record my girls for all the crazy "talking" they do. It's so cute!!

Kelsey said...

LOL. That would have been a sight to see!!!! BTW, your orange cat is huge. Hands down.

kel said...

Too cool! You should have grabbed the video camera!!

Bee and Rose said...

Ohhh...your cat is diabolical! LOL! We have a cat too...he doesn't chirp though;)