Monday, April 27, 2009

Needing a long hot...

Needing a long hot bath (you dirty folks probably thought I was gonna say another 4 letter word, huh?)
I am feeling very bloated and sore right now due to that monthly influx of hormones to my body.

Remember those two years of pregnancy & breastfeeding where I didn't have my monthly hurricane of hormones coming down on me to wash me into this bloated, bottled over in pain, bitch of a woman. Can someone knock me up again just so I can avoid the unpleasant side effect of monthly PMS. Please?

My lovely family called this morning and got an earful. I mean, cmon, pick your battles. After I complain to my mother about my new obsession with Pamprin, she promptly goes into a tirad about how I need to visit home more often.

Hmmm, you have never flown your butts out to Alaska, yet I have traveled with my then 10 month old to Maryland. Maybe you can pay $800 for a roundtrip plane fare and get out here.

Then, the DH called. My hubby is in Afghanistan. Far Far Away from my mess here. Yet he got the whole mess of PMS thrown at him-- very rightfully so. He started badgering on about my recent retail therapy.

I ripped him several new holes about how he needs to lay off me- we are a military family and do not need to save money for a new house. We are paying down my student loans. My retail therapy is for fabric for the business, clothes and dinners out. It could be worse. He should thank his lovely stars I am not throwing my daughter at a babysitter and being like some wives who go out and party at clubs and get their therapy by grinding up against other men. I then told him to go somewhere when he started to resist my argument.

The call was suddenly dropped. Poor guy never got service again to call me back. Can someone get me a chocolate bar? Seriously, I am needing chocolate therapy today :(


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

PMS is really a b**tch! Trust's better than NOT having PMS later in life...LOL! You go eat that chocolate bar and feel better..that pic is hilarious...both of them!

kel said...

Oh girl, I feel ya. I know what you are going through. And the worst thing is when someone asks if you are on your period, and you are. That puts me into a rage!! damn it, I am bitchy but don't you point it out!!

Stitch 'N Love said...

Oh, Jenn, totally know what you are going through, almost. My hubby leaves in August..... And I will have 4 kids to maintain!

Karen said...

OH my goodness ! I am so with you with the family not coming to visit! Now that we are in Hawaii, they want me to just fly home this summer.. Through my husbands whole career, all of our "vacations" were us spending "our" money to visit family.. Red Wine is my medicine for everything ;)