Monday, April 27, 2009

Currently on my nightstand

I picked up a book at Barnes and Noble a bit ago and finally go started reading it. It is called Marked- a vampire book by PC Cast and Kristen Cast.

It certainly isn't the same story as Twilight and frankly, is very teenage. The language is like talking to a high school girl. Its so frustrating to read. Run on sentences, thoughts in left field. I can not get into this book.

And the premise of how one becomes a vampire is completly new to me. They are choosen by the undead and marked on their forehead. Then they go to the House of Night- a school for vampires. The human world is away of this co-existence are are working to find a way to eradicate vampires.

Interesting concept. But, man I can't get past the very 15 years old language. Ill let you all know if I can make it past Chapter 5.

What books are you reading? I need suggestions for some brain stimulating books!


Kelsey said...

I am on a Nora Roberts kick. :) I think I may re-read Angels and Demons so that when it comes out in theaters, I'm refreshed. If you like Stephanie Meyer, read her book "The Host." It's really good. I liked it. I can let you borrow it, but take care of it cause I'm anal about my hardcovers. However, if you want to borrow any of my 347623476 paperbacks, you can. :)

Karen said...

OH I'm reading Twilight, I'm on the third book. I have heard that The Host is better than the Twilight series.