Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Recap

Easter was something that I dreaded this year. With Scott being deployed and having our first Easter all the way up in Alaska without any family , I thought it would be disappointing.

Pleasantly it wasn't. My friend Kelsey and her daughter came over for dinner and we had a blast just eating a ham dinner and lounging afterwards.

Jasmine went bonkers for her Easter basket. She is a chocolate fiend already at 14 months old.

This is a photo of the destroyed Easter basket. There was a stuffed bunny in there , which promptly got flung out in an effort to make way for the chocolate.

So in talking with moms around the area, it never occured to me that a child can be "too little" for an Easter basket. Some moms forgo the Easter Bunny basket until the child is older and can grasp the concept of the Easter traditions. Others simply go over the top with a basket, candy and presents.

So how young did you start your Easter traditions? How much did you spend? What kinds of things do you give for presents?


kel said...

We went all out for the first one.. even though she couldn't eat the candy.. but I did mostly toys..

too darn cute!

geekch1ck said...

I'm glad your friend could spend the time with you. I know it's hard without family around. My prayers are with you.

Kelsey said...

We had a blast! Thanks for having us over and cooking that ginormous ham!!! (Still mad I dropped it on the garage floor...)

Brooke didn't get an Easter basket this year. She didn't even know it was Easter. Grandma sends holiday themed packages (Halloween, Valentine's Day and Easter) so she got an Easter box from Grandma. I will get her an Easter basket next year and will fill it with more educational but fun toys, like markers, coloring books, play-doh...something that lasts.

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

When I was little and what I Mom went all out with an Easter basket. She was very crafty and would knit us something or bake some kind of treat. We didn't get a lot of chocolate...maybe a few malted milk eggs (is that what they are called?)and a handful of foil covered eggs. The big deal was dying the eggs the day before and having a hunt on Easter morning. We pretty much kept all the same traditions with our children Glad you weren't alone & had fun!!

Shelley said...

Alexis loved her basket too! We put a bag of M&Ms in there (she loves them!), 2 cups, a cow fork and spoon set, a light up egg toy, light up frogs, and a dish for her snacks.