Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

This year I was very worried that my birthday would be a bummer. My husband is deployed and I am thousands of miles from family.

My birthday was made a blast because I have such wonderful friends. Thursday we played a softball game and my teammates surprised me with a wonderful celebration. They sang and gave up cupcakes and gave me a dozen roses. How special! Then the team sweetened the day by winning our game. Afterwards, I met my friend Kelsey for dinner.
This Saturday came the best celebration. We went out to the bar and club to celebrate my birthday. All 8 of us packed into my Suburban for one heck of a nite. Don't we look beautiful?

Thank you to my wonderful friends who helped to make my birthday awesome. Without you gals I dunno how I would survive this deployment.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday to Me!!!! Today I turn a quarter of a century old!

While my hubby is not here to help me celebrate and the military has taken me far, far away from my lovely family. I do have some awesome friends who will be helping me celebrate. While I would love to get this hunk of a present:

I will settle for just a piece of this:

Monday, June 8, 2009

We are in our NEW Home

Sorry for the lack of blogging during my move. But I am back!!!!!

We moved in and what a trying time. First the movers were 2 hours late. The movers were here from 1 to 11 pm trying unsuccesfully to move all my items. They brought a truck and two guys and apparently underestimated my move. They also charged by the hour. *gasp* They dropped my armoir and it broke in half. Then the next day I demanded that more movers come as they did not finish moving all my items. So they were here for another 4 hours moving us. The didn't really set up the house or ask where I wanted things. They threw everything in our garage and put the furniture wherever. VERY unprofessional.

Unpacking was a bore-- but I got it done. I have about 5 boxes left to unpack. Im still trying to get the house decorated, photos up. In the meantime I have started buying things to fill the house.

Very exciting to decorate! As it is military housing, I can't paint or anything but I can do themed rooms now! Tons of closet space! Tons of room for Jasmine to run around and play. This house is just soo big and we love it!

Here are some photos. These were taken at 11 pm and before I upacked.

Our house from the front

Our view from the family room

Our kitchen and island.... very roomy

Jasmine's playroom / my office
There is more to the house but this is just some of the downstairs. Just downstairs we have 4 closets, a bathroom, family room, dining room, playroom, pantry and two mud rooms. Upstairs-- 3 bedrooms w/ walk in closets, 2 large baths, laundry room/ craft room with cabinets and shelving !
Here is my daughter being adorable and playing with some beads at a Memorial Day BBQ.