Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mixed bag of news

First off, thank the Lord for a 45 minute conversation with my husband last nite. I needed that. I needed to hear his voice and unload. I unloaded a lot of my frusrations onto my husband in Afghanistan. We talked business, we talked FRG, we talked family.

So, he has been offered a scholarship via the Army to advance his career. He just has to pledge at least 3 years for every year they pay of schooling. Now the hubby already has an AA, BS, MBA and certification in Regulatory Compliance.

What more can he go to school for? Well this program is to get his doctorate or a masters of his choice. Going to school full time while still getting the pay and benefits he would if he was active. He isn't sure if he wants to be a Ph.D or a become another Master candidate.

So... what that means for us. If he gets applys & accepted. He will be going to school full time. It also pretty much confirms he has a desk job for his career in the Army. So it will be bases with Army hospitals that we will go to after we PCS from here.

Also, can I just say if he goes to school full time for a doctrate or masters I think we will be splitting hairs at home with all that tension. Seriously, you already have a Masters. Let me finish mine!!!

Sweet hubby just wanted my blessing to fill out the application. Of course Itold him that his desire to get another degree are only going to benefit our family and we will live with him going back to school full time. Eventually I will finish my masters in social work..... one day

My hubby (on left) in Afghanistan with two of his medics.


boylerpf said...

Such hard decisions and to make from opposite sides of the world. I wish you much luck in the plans. "All good things are worth waiting for" as the saying goes. The new blog look is terrific! Super colorful...really like it.

kel said...

Those are some big time decisions to be made! good luck.

Half-Pint Creations said...

First of all your family is in my prayers. I can't imagine the hubby being so far away - I whine when he's away for a month or two. Sounds like you have so many big decisions to make- I'm sending you peaceful fairy dust your way!
Beautiful blog too!

...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

God Bless you and your family. May the Lord protect him and keep him safe. That is great news. I am sure that you will all make the right choices. :)