Tuesday, April 21, 2009

25 Random Facts about Me

25 random things about me.

1. I love to fish, but hate putting a worm on the hook and never keep the fish to eat- I toss Nemo back in the water every time.

2. My favorite drink is a Chocolate Martini

3. I have played softball for 20 years.

4. I like to think I can dance and get my groove on (but a video of me at our wedding proves otherwise).

5. My hubby and I met through Yahoo personals (don't judge!)

6. We have two cats. My cat is named Raven. My hubby the die hard Cleveland Browns fan had to adopt another cat (a bigger cat) and name him Brownie.

7. I grew up in Maryland- and went to a school that a documentary was made of called "Heroin High"

8. I used to work with drug addicts and do home visits on them- even if they were not sober- talk about scary walking into a drug deal!

9. I have epilepsy.

10. I want 6 kids.

11. I always wished I was a twin

12. My sister and I were baptized together. I was 18 when I came to know Him.

13. I love to volunteer my time

14. I wish I had finished grad school - my MSW

15. I am obsessed with collecting Precious Moment figurines. Someone buy me a curio cuz Jasmine knocks all of them over.

16. I wanna hug a polar bear while in AK (I know I am crazy).

17. I am a huge crafter- and am obsessed with watching Martha Stewart

18. I am obsessed wtih shopping. Although before I would shop for me, now I love to shop for Jasmine. Luckily I handle the finances in our house.

19. I am forever jealous of my sister and how awesome she is. She will be great- I know it. She is a smartie and is going places. Look out politicians in Washington D.C.

20. I am huge on denial. I had a hamster that died for weeks and I ignored the smell and just thought he was sick. My hermit crab was dead in a month and I kept him in his tank because he never moved much anyway and was sick. Those are just mild examples of my denial.

21. I want to buy a house for my future family of 8.

22. I died once. I had a fever so high ( I have heard it was 105) and I was 2. I stopped breathing and was dead in my grandmas arms. EMTs arrived and resusitated me. I have scars in my brain and on my heart from this ordeal.

23. I fear that my parents will prematurly die. I fear this about all those around me. It is my worst fear.

24. I have little tact and am socially awkward.

25. I love gross humor.


Amariah said...

Very interesting!! I've never had a chocolate martini - but it sounds good!
And you died once? is that why you have epilepsy?

Jazzy Jemz said...

They think that only exacerbated my neurological issues. Presently there is no none cause of epilepsy. Generally they think it is trauma or genetics. I had both- my mom had epilepsy and I have scar tissue on my brain.

kel said...

Oh my gosh... #22. That is frightening!

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Great to know you! Chocolate martini...that's a new one on me!

Karen said...

Chocolate Martinis .. YUM. I am obsessed with Martha Stewart as well ! When I was 2, I was run over by a car, and I wasn't breathing. Crazy? One of my biggest fears is anything happening to my boys or my mom. I cringe when my 17 yr old wants to go out. I am a nervous wreck the whole time.