Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So my Sunday and Monday went by so quickly. It was a whirlwind.

At dinner at Red Robin with some friends my friend went into labor!!!!!! I have known her since we moved to Alaska and when she told me she was having a baby she was so elated. Sunday nite she was craving a Whiskey BBQ burger and forced me to go to Red Robin. I swear, it was like she knew just how to convince me I needed to eat out for dinner.
At dinner she was having contractions. In denial , she swore they were Braxton Hicks. Nah, cmon my bud and I knew better. So we ate dinner as she clutched her abdomin. She finally called the hospital and they told her to go in. Without a beat, Kelsey and I went into go mode taking charge and telling Sarah what we were going to do to help. I took her toddler while Kelsey decided to take her to the hospital.
So before we leave, we make sure its okay to leave her car at Red Robin. The manager comes over and tries to do small talk telling Sarah to make sure to have the kids first birthday at Red Robin. Seriously, cmon guy she is in labor!
Oh Kelsey and I didn't forget out milkshakes to go either. hehe.

Sarah called me around 11pm and tells me they are releasing her and she will be by to pick up her daughter. Next Txt I get is from Kelsey saying they are taking her to ther OR for c-section.
After getting through the nite with a toddler who wanted to snuggle all nite and my toddler who was jealous, we heard the good news that Baby Alister was born! yay!!!! Kelsey helped with the delivery and blogged about it here.
Alister Reekie was born on the same day two years later, as his only sister. Daddy is proud he only has to remember one birthday for both. Daddy Cody was able to fly in and see his son hours after his birth.
The day Alister was born I also had to help my other friend whose family suffered a terrible loss. She lives about 45 mins away and needed a ride to the airport- about 1.5 hours from her house. I offered to help prior to all the labor and delivery. So , with the two kids, we drove around for 4 hours on monday playing taxi. If you have kids you know that makes them cranky.....
Very tough and exhausting 24 hours, but the good news at the end of the day, I got a phone call from Scott. He is doing well and is safe over there!