Monday, March 9, 2009

The day that keeps giving me hell

Yah its been a bad day.

Bad in the sense that my daughter still is vomiting 6 days after our intial ER visit for a high fever, vomiting and a febrile seizure. Still sick, and the doctors just continue to say its a nasty virus and they can't do anything for poor dehydrated bug. Yeah, love military health care.

Then, lets see, last nite in the dark and ice of my driveway- I backed the tow hitch of my Suburban into my garage door. After pounding on the steel door for a half hour, I gave up trying to fix it and called a garage repair guy. In 5 minutes he fixed it and charged $85.00 WHAT!

Oh and theres more.....

My Suburban which I only drive once a week as its a gas hog-- I drove yesterday into town to go to a fabulous pizza house called the Mooses Tooth with some girls of mine. Well I parked next to a little Yellow VW bug. This morning, guess what I find on my car. Yellow paint scraping my black paint off the right rear of my car. Yup, their mirror put two scratchs all on the side of my car. A hit and run. I got an estimate to repair and my deductable is $500 and they want $425 to repair two straight , almost key marks on my car.

So, then just to top off my day. My wonderful daughter decides to grab my glasses for the umpteenth time. So they snap and break. My only pair of glasses. So I am blind as a bat. Seriously , my nick name in middle school was Mole if that gives you any idea of how bad my eyesight is. No appointments for three weeks at teh military eye doctor.

FABULOUS. Anyone else wanna share their worst day experiances?

I did photograph a new item. An Awesome Newsboy Cap in Eggplant:

The Tangled Skein


Kelsey said...

Aw hunny. I'm sorry. I hope Jazzy feels better soon. :( Sorry about the hit and run too. Man. You know you don't have to go see the eye doctor on post right? Call around to eye doctors in your area and ask if they take Tri-Care. I have never seen an onpost eye guy. :)

Love the hat!

Half-Pint Creations said...

Sending you big hugs- what a day! Makes ya want to run away...but Mamas can't do that. Take care and take a deep breath. It'll get better!

Shelley said...

Wow, you've had a rough time. Hopefully this is the end of your bad spout. Love the new hat.

Arlene said...

Oh my - you HAVE had a tough day. So sorry about that. You know what they say, though: It's all uphill from here. At least the worst surely is over. You must be very strong - I know you'll get through it. Sending you hugs.