Friday, May 8, 2009

Finished Daughter' s Summer Dress!

Thank you all for the lovely comments yesterday! I really do feel as though I have grown so much in the past year. I will be posting about my trip to Alaska with photos soon! So stay tuned!
Finally heard from the hubby after a few days and he is in a funk. You feel so helpless when your hubby is thousand of miles away and you can hear the emotion in his voice of his sadness. You know a hug be the world for him and you can't. I mean, how do you give a hug over the phone? If ya'll figure it out I would love to know!

I finished my Daughters Summer Dress and loved it soo much! It is such a pretty pattern and the ribbons and buttons really make the dress stand out. The ribbon is sewn on with a machine so it doesn't come off and ties in the back. The ribbons at the top allow the dress to grow with my DD- so when she hits a growth spurt and gets taller, the ribbons tie and adjust to the new height.
The second dress I made after that was of white cotton and had the prettiest floral ribbon. I decided to list it.
I am not sure if you can tell- but my model was completly uncooperative with the photo taking process so I wasn't able to get a good shot of the white dress. I made some tweeks to the pattern and I like how it turned out. These are so beautiful and much easier than a blanket to whip up!

Jazzy Jemz

Im not sure why, but I am moving back into a crochet mood. I think its because I need a change from all the ACU purses I have been doing. I got another order in last nite and I hope that is all for a bit!

I got my embroidery machine fixed!!!! Super excited to start embroidery again. Apparently the machine was not level. LOL.-- Didn't realize the machine had level sensors.

Yesterday I got two phone calls. One from Housing at Ft Richardson. My house is almost done and they scheduled a day for me to do a walk through and get the keys. They also said I could borrow a set of keys and go check out my new house! So that is on the to-do list next week. Ill take photos for ya'll to check it out!

The second phone call made me mad. My landlord called to see if I could have potential renters do a walkthrough . UM- NO! I still live here and frankly haven't cleaned and its a disaster and I still live here. She pushed and said that I wouldn't have to be home and she can just walk them around and they can see if they like the house enough to rent in June.

Hmmm-- what about the lack of insulation in the attic , the windows that still need to be fixed and the kitchn tiles that are bowing and coming off. Don't you need to fix that before hand? I may be moving out- but I have paid to rent the place out until May 31. Why should she invade my privacy by trying to get in before the end of the month?

She still has our security deposit and we are moving out a month before our lease is up -- per a military clause. Do I have any rights to say No. I feel like I do- but she is so darn perisistent it just wore me down. 5 minutes of nos and she still kept insisting that renters need to see the house. I broke down and said yes, only if we are home. I can't wait to get out of this house!!


Flamingo K said...

The dresses are just beautiful...and your model is, too ;) Thanks for sharing...

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

What a talent you have...I love those dresses and the model is pure perfection! I wish they came in larger sizes...either that or my girls better get busy with some babies...LOL. I think for now, I'll take the bigger sizes ;D Happy Mother's Day to you.

Julia said...

Oh my gosh! Those dresses are gorgeous. They are keepers for sure. I hope you are keeping some of her things for her babies to wear some day! Your daughter is so adorable!!
You have every right to say "no" to a landlord when you have paid the rent. Or at least I would think so! I don't blame you for wanting to be there. My DD was home but in a different room once when some carpet cleaners came to her house. She was very pregnant so had taken off her wedding rings. Yep, you guessed it, when the cleaners were gone, so were her rings.

Julia said...

I forgot to say Happy Mother's Day!!!

TurtleMommy said...

wow those are some pretty dresses! I have had to deal with those pesky landlords before! finally found a great big house with a sweet landlord. glad you'll be moving to a better house!!! you are getting that deposit back right?!!

Creations With Heart said...

The dresses are as adorable as your daughter!
Sounds like you have your hands full! I hope everything falls into place and your move goes well! =)

Kelsey said...

Can I come tour your house with you next week??? I love doing walk throughs. :)

Karen said...

Oh the dresses are just adorable ! My mom sewed clothes for my sister and I all they way up to 6th grade. It's so much fun to make things for girls.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those dresses are adorable!

Nayeli said...

It's precious!! She is so cute and her dress is adorable!! Love you baby :)