Saturday, May 2, 2009

Drum roll..... 37 bags

For those of you who took part in Thursdays Blog asking how many bags it took to rake up my back yard, the answer is 37 filled to the brim bags.

That is a lot of bags for a small yard. I now understand why some people take the lazy way out and buy leaf blowers. Seriously, how tempting would it be just to blow them all into another persons yard?

So yesterday I went over to my new house with some friends to show them where I will be living. Obviously we don't have the keys yet so I couldn't give them a tour of my new larger house.

With my new neighbors watching, we went out and about like peeping toms and peered into the windows. The place is HUGE! I personally love the bay window. I know my Brownie and Raven will love it too.

Speaking of Brownie and Raven...... Jasmine is now saying both of their names. Although she sounds adorable, apparently only mom knows what she is saying.

"Bow - knee caaaat"

How adorable. Then she ruins the moment by pulling "Bow-nee caaaat's" tail. But I figure that is just the torture he needs for the attempted homicide of my camera.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!! And if you haven't voted in the artfire cafemom team challenge- please check it out


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