Saturday, November 15, 2008

My SUV ran me over

So I park the car after going to a meeting tonite. Mind you my driveway is completely shoveled and although on an incline, the car parked fine. I put the e-brake on. Go inside. Put Jas to sleep. Gather up the trash for trash day tomorrow. Go drag the bag of trash outside. (so its been like 20 mins).
I turn around after putting the trash at the end of the drive and what to my wondering eyes see--- why yes, its a suburban barrelling down on me. I jump to the side and land in the snow. Barely escaping his 1/2 ton tow. Realizing the car is heading down to the house... i jump to my feet and race to pop the door open and hit the brake.
It didn't hit anything (thank you Lord). I pulled it to the curb thinking that didn't we just pay $1500 for a new E-brake job? There wasn't too much ice on my driveway as I had scraped pretty well. I just can't believe that an e-brake on the rear would not hold and keep my car from baralling towards me and the neighbors house.


Amariah said...

OMG! You are sooo lucky!! I don't know what an E brake is, but your car shouldn't be sliding down your driveway. Glad to know that you're OK!

Luminous Mom said...

holy *(@&!!! Girl, you are lucky you have such great reaction time!! I'm glad everything turned out OK.. I am so scared of that happening. That happened to me when I was 5, I was riding in my friends car and her mom left us in the car to run into a store, she told us not to touch the E brake but, we didnt have to, it went out on its own. We rolled backwards over a curb and down a hill into a tree.. so scary! I've been freaked by parking on hills ever since. I hope they fix your E brake for free if its their fault it wasnt working properly!

Trooper Thorn said...

That's not good. Next time put the snowmobile under the wheel to prevent future mishaps.