Friday, November 7, 2008

I was tagged!

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1. I have died. Yup, I died when I was two. I had a very high fever and was being babysat by my MomMom (grandma). Apparently the fever spiked and she said I wasn't breathing. The ambulance came and I had not been breathing for a while. They shocked me. I came back to life and was hospitalized. I have scar tissue in my brain and heart (and prolly other organs) BUT I am here today! No, I can't recall seeing the afterlife or tunnel or GOD.

2. I have epilepsy, have had it since I was two. See #1 for why.

3. I eat a Little Debbie Swiss cake roll in layers. As I do with Candy Corn and those Nutter Butter bars.

4. I am allergic to eggs but love to eat them despite the allergy.

5. I chopped straight thru my thumb before. Had to be stitched on . DIdn't go through the bone though.

6. I have jumped off a balcony and lived- Just shattered my arms and had bones sticking out but I lived. I was playing tag at this house on a hill. The balcony/patio was safe. My cousin started counting down the time I was allowed on base. He also blocked the entrance/exit. So I jumped. I landed on my arms and rolled all the way 100 yards down this huge hill and slammed up against a tree. But I lived. If you saw the hill you would be shocked.

7. My hubby and I met online through the personals.

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Amariah said...'ve had a lot of close calls. Glad to know that you're OK!

TannerCustomCraft said...

wow! what amariah said!