Monday, October 27, 2008

Jemz: Products that make moms shine

Today I start my business. Today I begin Jemz. A business that produces products for Moms, Babies and Toddlers. You can view my business at :

I am so very excited about my new business. It all started when I realized up here in Alaska there are not many quality products with reasonable prices. Seriously, everything up here costs more and you have a limited selection.

Light bulb went off-- what if I create items for moms and babies that are stylish and affordable. So, I started off with what I know best..... welcome my first collection


The Boobie Brigade is a line for nursing moms.

Nursing covers are the best way to descretly nurse in public. With an adjustable D-ring on these styling covers, moms will not have do deal with those embarassing moments when the blanket falls down. Best thing about these are the two inside pockets that you can store your cell or keys in. Put anything in thee pockets to help weigh down the nursing cover when the baby starts to kick. A convienent burp cloth also comes in the pocket to help with those spit ups.

Another element of the boobie brigade is the nursing necklaces. These necklaces help to distract the baby while it eats. No more pulling of the hair, snapping of your nursing bra. This necklace engages the baby and is strong enough to withstand 26lbs of weight. Stylish enough to be worn everyday.

My Boobie Brigade collection also comes with nursing pads that have 4 layers. Outside is flannel, which wicks away the milk. Inside is bamboo padding which is naturally antibacteria- and may help reduce the risk of mastasis. These "green" nursing pads are much more comfortable then the disposable kind.

I have more products on the way. I hope this business becomes successful! Please check the site out and give me some feedback:


Anonymous said...

This is some Great Stuff!!! Way to Go Momma!!!